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History. Architecture. Revival.

The Sandpoint Events Center has a long history here in Sandpoint, Idaho dating back to 1922 when it was was built.

Brad and Lynda Scott first encountered Sandpoint in 1997. Like so many others before them, they drove across the Long Bridge and everything about the place seemed to say, “Welcome Home”. A stroll through downtown highlighted that feeling, but it was a drive through the residential streets of town that rewarded them with a discovery that would, over the next decade, hold tight to their imaginations.

Coming around a corner onto Euclid Avenue, the Scotts looked up and saw a dream waiting to be realized. Although, at that particular point in time, it was a dream that looked the worse for wear. The old Sandpoint High School building had served the community long and well before falling into disrepair and, by the 1980’s disuse. She was finally boarded up and left to the whims of fate. Somehow, the Scotts saw past the fact that the few windows that weren’t boarded over had panes broken out of them. What they saw as they walked up the sidewalk where generations of local students had poured into the schoolhouse doors was pure potential.


“What a beauty!” Brad said. “Just look at that brick work.”

“This is exactly the kind of place we’ve been talking about,” said Lynda, scouting around for a way to look inside. After disappearing around the side of the building, Brad found Lynda standing tip-toe, peering into a small crack between the brick wall and a piece of plywood that came a few inches short of covering a big window on the ground floor of the three story school. There was just enough light to make out a few details. It was an old classroom with a chalkboard on the far wall. Through the door over in the corner, they were able to barely make out the hallway behind it. They both stepped back in awe of the detail and history.

“A place like this deserves to be used,” Lynda said “You’re the construction expert – couldn’t it be brought back to life?”
“Sure looks like it.” Brad Said.

They walked around the perimeter, gasping at all the new findings, conjuring up stories of what life must’ve been like here and making a pact to find a way to revive the old classic as they stole one more glimpse walking away.

As it turned out, it would be almost another 10 years before the Scotts were able to get to work on their shared dream. In the meantime, their imaginations wandered the halls of the old school as they wondered aloud what the place must have been like when it was filled with activity – A time when the old school played a central role in the life of Sandpoint and the people lovingly referred to it as “our school.”

The above paragraph is an excerpt from the book “Sandpoint School Days: A photographic Homecoming” by Bob Gunter.

The Sandpoint Events Center offers special rates for meetings, classes and events mid-week. We also offer business office spaces for lease. Please contact us for details.

Sandpoint Events Center

Today, The Sandpoint Business & Events Center can host beautiful weddings and receptions, films and plays, festivals and fundraisers, musicals and dances, corporate meetings and parties, and even treasured memorials. There are no boundaries to what our spaces offer here at The Center.

In its revival, The Auditorium boasts exquisite ornate detail featuring beautiful lighting, a stage and tiered floor. This stunning space is perfect for wedding ceremonies or receptions. Maximum theatre style seating capacity is 400 and 128 with tables.

Adjacent to the auditorium is a dressing room with private bathrooms, dressing tables and mirrors. The use of the tables, chairs and dressing room is included in the rental fee.

Adjacent to the old Banquet Hall is a commercial kitchen equipped with an ice machine, refrigerators, gas range, ovens, dishwasher, heat lamps and more. Adjustable lighting and a professional sound system is available in both the auditorium and banquet hall.