Old Sandpoint High School
In The Beginning…

The Sandpoint Events Center, otherwise known fondly in our community as the “9th Grade Center” and the “old Sandpoint High School,” has been completely renovated by a local family. The historic character of the building was maintained and highlighted in the renovation, and this restored facility is a fabulous addition to the community. To commemorate this occasion, we published a book called Sandpoint School Days, A Photographic Homecoming.

The Transitional Years…

Days, months, and years passed but the building was still intact. Many who had attended classes there now drove past and wondered what would become of “their school” that was fast falling into disrepair.  To them, inside the locked doors and boarded windows were vivid memories of their dreams and special people. Rumor had it that the building had been condemned and was soon to be demolished. An attitude of denial persisted on the part of everyone that loved the school but the thought of its demise was just below the surface of their consciousness. There was a dread that one day their worst fears would be realized.

Old Sandpoint High School
A Photographic Homecoming / Sandpoint High School Days

This book is about a majestic building that was “my school” to generations of kids in the greater Sandpoint area. It is to this group that I owe a debt of gratitude for allowing me to share your pictures and your memories of your school days. Some of the photos came from long-forgotten places. Some came from a shoebox tucked away under a bed and others were retrieved from the old trunk out in the shed. Some were faded, scratched, and a few cut from the pages of the Monticola, but all brought a smile and a flood of memories.

In the book, we have tried to give back to you these photos with little or no help from digital imaging software. We saw our job as dusting them off a little, pulling them all together, putting them in front of you and then tagging along as you walk once again along the path of precious memories.

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